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On Monday, @Smirnoff made a funny announcement. Starting today, you must confirm that you are of legal drinking age to continue following us. Please check your DMs for more info. — Smirnoff (@Smirnoff) January 23, 2012 Not all of their followers appreciated this. Congratulations @smirnoff, you look like a bunch of phishers DMing people to … Continue reading

People don’t want a quarter-inch drill; they want a quarter-inch hole.

You’re the Silicon Valley superstar. A potential technical cofounder that biz devs drool puddles for at every Hackers & Founders event. You drop investor names like it’s hot. You’ve probably worked on a startup or two, scaling hot products and releasing iterations like a mad man. So fly, you probably don’t need plane tickets to … Continue reading

And as promised, here are a few slides from my talk on social media.

Did it take a few days? Yes, it took a few days. But now they’ve arrived in blog format. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! A few slides from my talk on social media at TechAmerica’s 2012 Winter SGA meeting. I was asked to give a “state of the union” style chat on social. And here’s some … Continue reading

New Year’s resolutions I have a good chance of not completely ignoring

A fool’s errand: trying to squeeze all that you want to become onto a full plate of New Year’s resolutions. Instead, I’m taking a more measured approach – choosing things I know how to take baby steps to get to, or have already begun. Such as… Surf’s up, more often A bad day of surfing … Continue reading

The great unknown and why I threw my wallet at it

I’m having extreme anxiety over this possible Hotwire purchase. $85 for a Santa Barbara hotel… BUT WHICH HOTEL WILL IT BE? — Kaitlin Pike (@kcpike) December 27, 2011 A good tease trumps baring-it-all deals for me more frequently than I want to admit, mostly because it means I confess to putting down cash on a … Continue reading

How to rock a photo booth, and other event lessons

Last week at #e2conf, our company’s social business media site The Brainyard hosted a photo booth. Costumes, props, merriment.  The lesson here is, of course, that photo booths are an instant win for any event. Especially for nerds who need to break out of their shells and wear crazy hats. And here are the prime Dos … Continue reading

The power of knowledge, and good links

I frequently get asked for good social media playbooks, how-to guides, and examples. I’ve compiled an ever-growing list, below. Good overviews: How to Market Your Business on Twitter (and hey, they even interviewed me) Dangerous Facebook Marketing: Are You Playing the Quality Game or the Quantity Game? Here are some posts I’ve written for the … Continue reading

The real world road rules of community management. And puppies.

Good community managers would make great dog pack leaders. People like well-defined roles. When you have a nervous or unhappy dog, it may very well be that you’re confusing what role in the pack she plays. If you submit to the dog’s every whim, let her jump up on the couch when she wants, and … Continue reading

The most valuable digital consumers & Mary Meeker’s always fabulous Summit presentation

Mary Meeker killed it once again. This is my third Summit watching her speed-read through 75+ slides on the state of the Web in just a few minutes. Read Write Web has done a great summary, and here are the slides for your perusal: And video: Also… Nielsen came out with some interesting stats … Continue reading

Live from the Palace Hotel, it’s another great Web 2.0 Summit

I’m live tweeting all week from the the lovely Palace Hotel (see my staff office view below) to cover the goings ons at Web 2.0 Summit. If you don’t want a 140-character at a time digest, check out the live stream here.