Hey, I built a Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter game!

…And it’s alive. Tweet “start” @othrnrml to play, and copy/paste your chosen answer – minus the a) or b) part – to continue the game. If you win, you get a free copy of Ned Vizzini‘s latest book, The Other Normals, “about a kid in summer camp who falls into a fantasy world. But it’s … Continue reading

NSFW nor for Pinterest: A study in pinning boobs

All I saw was a woman’s naked butt. My head shot around each shoulder to check on the adults in the room. As a five year old, I thought something might be wrong with having a framed naked butt on an office wall, and especially wrong of me to stare at it. But they were … Continue reading

You must be at least 21 years old to read this blog post.

On Monday, @Smirnoff made a funny announcement. Starting today, you must confirm that you are of legal drinking age to continue following us. Please check your DMs for more info. — Smirnoff (@Smirnoff) January 23, 2012 Not all of their followers appreciated this. Congratulations @smirnoff, you look like a bunch of phishers DMing people to … Continue reading

And as promised, here are a few slides from my talk on social media.

Did it take a few days? Yes, it took a few days. But now they’ve arrived in blog format. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! A few slides from my talk on social media at TechAmerica’s 2012 Winter SGA meeting. I was asked to give a “state of the union” style chat on social. And here’s some … Continue reading

The power of knowledge, and good links

I frequently get asked for good social media playbooks, how-to guides, and examples. I’ve compiled an ever-growing list, below. Good overviews: How to Market Your Business on Twitter (and hey, they even interviewed me) Dangerous Facebook Marketing: Are You Playing the Quality Game or the Quantity Game? Here are some posts I’ve written for the … Continue reading

The most valuable digital consumers & Mary Meeker’s always fabulous Summit presentation

Mary Meeker killed it once again. This is my third Summit watching her speed-read through 75+ slides on the state of the Web in just a few minutes. Read Write Web has done a great summary, and here are the slides for your perusal: And video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0g9vmtG7r7c Also… Nielsen came out with some interesting stats … Continue reading

All the #w2e fit to print… on a blog.

I finished the final speaker interview blog post for Web 2.0 Expo New York yesterday, and I’m sharing the wealth of knowledge below. Oh, and all the videos of speakers from Ignite NYC 13. Law & Data: A Guide for Startups UX Designers: Ghosts in the Room Romance Your Users with CSS3 How to (Mostly) … Continue reading

Strangers in a strange marketing land

Read Write Web published a post I wrote this morning about preventing Facebook fan exodus, aptly called How to Prevent Facebook Fan Exodus. A clip: When it comes to social media, traditional marketers are strangers in a strange land. Despite companies’ drive to be more social, a recently released study shows that 40% of a brand’s Facebook … Continue reading

The interview in which I un-ironically used the term “Twitizen”

This is my second interview in a month about how to get ‘er done with Twitter: “How to Market Your Business – Twitter” by Elaine Ellis of Trada. I’m awkwardly pleased* to be included in this group of marketing** experts, and big thanks goes to Elaine for asking for my advice. *I think the correct … Continue reading