Hey, I can speak (publicly) again!

lim·bo /ˈlimbō/ noun 1. The supposed abode of souls unready for heaven. 2. The frustration of the truly damned: an inability to step toward the next logical progression. Secrets don’t make friends. But if released before the official closing of a startup acquisition, they can kill deals. This is why I’ve said nothing of substance publicly about … Continue reading

Life post-quitting + taking up the mantle again

I was recently accused of being a Mission hipster. No, I replied. I’ve just been going through a few changes. Around 1 year + 5 months ago, I ended a full time, full benefits, three-year job. A great job, and sometimes it was more than a just a job, but it became a desk and deadlines. … Continue reading

Hey, I built a Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter game!

…And it’s alive. Tweet “start” @othrnrml to play, and copy/paste your chosen answer – minus the a) or b) part – to continue the game. If you win, you get a free copy of Ned Vizzini‘s latest book, The Other Normals, “about a kid in summer camp who falls into a fantasy world. But it’s … Continue reading

It’s some big, big, big, big news: WeWork Labs San Francisco

I’m dizzyingly happy to announce big things: pre-incubator and NYC startup stomping grounds WeWork Labs is expanding to San Francisco under my and my colleagues Seth Blank and Dave Nugent‘s direction and curation. We’re extremely excited to build this community of early stage startups, tech peeps, and associated magic makers including designers, biz dev folks, … Continue reading

So, I quit my job. Now what?

Tomorrow is my last day after two and a half years at UBM TechWeb. I’ve marketed and supported some of the largest and best known tech events during my time here; worked with a kick ass team of marketers, event directors, analysts, developers, PR peeps, writers, artists, sales folks, and big personalities; and learned from … Continue reading