An Event Planning & Marketing Checklist for Startups

Godzilla Plans His Attack

I hear “Let’s do a big event!” as a marketing solution for startups more frequently nowadays. This sentence is often followed with “But we don’t want to spend anything,” “The community manager should totally have the bandwidth to plan this all out tomorrow,” and “Make sure TechCrunch covers it.” Consider this blog post a textual version of future-you running … Continue reading

Launching my latest project in 3… 2… 1… It’s InnovateSF!

For this past crazy month I’ve been working long, drawn out hours to get my latest project off the ground: Innovation Month and its digital home, InnovateSF. What is this madness? October as Innovation Month is a celebration campaign supported by the Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, and launched in partnership with Golightly House, Gray … Continue reading

Events as Effective Year-Round Marketing

Need to make a big, lasting impact? Throw a party. Last week, I gave a quick presentation at RallyPad about how brands can cascade such events as conferences, workshops, speaker panels, fundraisers, and mixers into an effective marketing and PR strategy throughout the year. I focused on how they could get more coverage, leads, evangelists and … Continue reading

It’s some big, big, big, big news: WeWork Labs San Francisco

I’m dizzyingly happy to announce big things: pre-incubator and NYC startup stomping grounds WeWork Labs is expanding to San Francisco under my and my colleagues Seth Blank and Dave Nugent‘s direction and curation. We’re extremely excited to build this community of early stage startups, tech peeps, and associated magic makers including designers, biz dev folks, … Continue reading

How to rock a photo booth, and other event lessons

Last week at #e2conf, our company’s social business media site The Brainyard hosted a photo booth. Costumes, props, merriment.  The lesson here is, of course, that photo booths are an instant win for any event. Especially for nerds who need to break out of their shells and wear crazy hats. And here are the prime Dos … Continue reading

The most valuable digital consumers & Mary Meeker’s always fabulous Summit presentation

Mary Meeker killed it once again. This is my third Summit watching her speed-read through 75+ slides on the state of the Web in just a few minutes. Read Write Web has done a great summary, and here are the slides for your perusal: And video: Also… Nielsen came out with some interesting stats … Continue reading

Live from the Palace Hotel, it’s another great Web 2.0 Summit

I’m live tweeting all week from the the lovely Palace Hotel (see my staff office view below) to cover the goings ons at Web 2.0 Summit. If you don’t want a 140-character at a time digest, check out the live stream here.  

All the #w2e fit to print… on a blog.

I finished the final speaker interview blog post for Web 2.0 Expo New York yesterday, and I’m sharing the wealth of knowledge below. Oh, and all the videos of speakers from Ignite NYC 13. Law & Data: A Guide for Startups UX Designers: Ghosts in the Room Romance Your Users with CSS3 How to (Mostly) … Continue reading

Konichiwa, bitches: We got our SXSW house… 7 months early.

As of August 30, there wasn’t a single hotel available* for SXSWi. No hotels for an event that won’t happen for another 7 months? It’s especially strange because no one I know is going to SXSWi.** Sure, we’re all going to Austin. After all, SXSWi is holiday for people from San Francisco to go to … Continue reading

Why your company needs to get involved with Meetup groups (like ours)

I recently interviewed VC Charlie O’Donnell about the tech world’s Talent Wars. He summarized the situation best here: “For any company, the most important asset you have is your people. Building a great team is the most important ingredient for success.” One of ways to improve your odds in the on-going technical recruitment struggle is … Continue reading