It’s some big, big, big, big news: WeWork Labs San Francisco

I’m dizzyingly happy to announce big things: pre-incubator and NYC startup stomping grounds WeWork Labs is expanding to San Francisco under my and my colleagues Seth Blank and Dave Nugent‘s direction and curation. We’re extremely excited to build this community of early stage startups, tech peeps, and associated magic makers including designers, biz dev folks, … Continue reading

NSFW nor for Pinterest: A study in pinning boobs

All I saw was a woman’s naked butt. My head shot around each shoulder to check on the adults in the room. As a five year old, I thought something might be wrong with having a framed naked butt on an office wall, and especially wrong of me to stare at it. But they were … Continue reading

The real world road rules of community management. And puppies.

Good community managers would make great dog pack leaders. People like well-defined roles. When you have a nervous or unhappy dog, it may very well be that you’re confusing what role in the pack she plays. If you submit to the dog’s every whim, let her jump up on the couch when she wants, and … Continue reading