Modern love. A study of couples and their phones.

A majority of American adults now owns a smartphone, but how do they use it with their most important person? At Avocado, we surveyed hundreds of couples and found some data that may surprise you. See more at Infographic courtesy of Avocado Software, Inc.

Hey, I built a Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter game!

…And it’s alive. Tweet “start” @othrnrml to play, and copy/paste your chosen answer – minus the a) or b) part – to continue the game. If you win, you get a free copy of Ned Vizzini‘s latest book, The Other Normals, “about a kid in summer camp who falls into a fantasy world. But it’s … Continue reading

Events as Effective Year-Round Marketing

Need to make a big, lasting impact? Throw a party. Last week, I gave a quick presentation at RallyPad about how brands can cascade such events as conferences, workshops, speaker panels, fundraisers, and mixers into an effective marketing and PR strategy throughout the year. I focused on how they could get more coverage, leads, evangelists and … Continue reading

People don’t want a quarter-inch drill; they want a quarter-inch hole.

You’re the Silicon Valley superstar. A potential technical cofounder that biz devs drool puddles for at every Hackers & Founders event. You drop investor names like it’s hot. You’ve probably worked on a startup or two, scaling hot products and releasing iterations like a mad man. So fly, you probably don’t need plane tickets to … Continue reading

The great unknown and why I threw my wallet at it

I’m having extreme anxiety over this possible Hotwire purchase. $85 for a Santa Barbara hotel… BUT WHICH HOTEL WILL IT BE? — Kaitlin Pike (@kcpike) December 27, 2011 A good tease trumps baring-it-all deals for me more frequently than I want to admit, mostly because it means I confess to putting down cash on a … Continue reading