Efficient Marketing Research for Startups Using Facebook Advertising

Who will buy your product? Which variation do they like best? How does your cofounder’s suggested slogan compare to the one your mom thought was clever? What’s next for your mobile app company? …How do you do this all at once quickly and relatively cheaply? The answer, of course, is Adwords. But if you want … Continue reading

An Event Planning & Marketing Checklist for Startups

Godzilla Plans His Attack

I hear “Let’s do a big event!” as a marketing solution for startups more frequently nowadays. This sentence is often followed with “But we don’t want to spend anything,” “The community manager should totally have the bandwidth to plan this all out tomorrow,” and “Make sure TechCrunch covers it.” Consider this blog post a textual version of future-you running … Continue reading

What an MS Paint-drawn funnel can teach you about email marketing

I’m going to teach you how to optimize your email marketing campaigns (something I promised in the last post) using a funnel. My colleague and good friend David Mausolf (who is an amazing marketing analyst) and I originally wrote this how-to for StartupDigest as a guide for using email marketing to promote events. But it can be used … Continue reading