About Kaitlin

When I was 12, I ran away in my aunt’s sailboat. I was back in an hour because I didn’t know how to sail and crashed. When I was 18, I took a sailing lesson, hit a buoy and had a startled sea lion roll into my boat. Now I work (on land) in San Francisco.

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I am the Director of Brand Marketing at GitHub, which means in part that I manage the Events, Content, and Brand Campaign Teams.

Previously, I founded and built the Developer Marketing Department at Stack Overflow. I’m also a consultant who has worked with a wide range of organizations from large corporations to bootstrapped startups, large and small-scale events, print and digital media, and even the San Francisco Mayor’s Office. Before that, I was the Director of Marketing for the world’s best app for couples, Avocado (RIP). And prior to that, I was the charming marketing manager of  Online Marketing SummitCloud ConnectWeb 2.0 Expo and Web 2.0 Summit. And if you really want to step into the time machine with me, you’d find that I’ve also worked for Microsoft, a delightful German startup, a slightly confused Israeli startup, and my own startup which failed miserably. Oh, and I used to be a penniless journalist. I still occasionally journalize for drinks and giggles.

When I’m not doing all these things, I do other things. For instance, I used to be the cheerful curator and director (along with Seth Blank and Dave Nugent) of WeWork Labs San Francisco in SOMA. We searched for plucky young startups that wanted help growing up and growing big. We also chose and produced events for the space including demo nights, developer lecture series, hackathons, startup legal advice presentations, and even my own (not active any more) Meetup group, SF Nightowls.

I’m also an active board member of Camp Quest West, which is designed for children ages 8-17. Camp Quest West blends world-class science and critical thinking interactive activities with a traditional all-American outdoor camp experience. It’s the scientific method paired with campfires and s’mores. As a board member, I help oversee the organization including its mission, priorities, strategies, programs, plans, fundraising, and, of course, purchasing of s’mores materials. So many marshmallows.

I am luckily quite busy with life, but I don’t mind chatting with nice people about their favorite things and problems I can solve.

I like you.

One Response to “About Kaitlin”
  1. jhgonzo says:

    Interesting blog! I recently wrote about the phenomenon of mourning via social networks; perhaps you’ve got some thoughts on this topic?

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