Hey, I can speak (publicly) again!

1. The supposed abode of souls unready for heaven.

2. The frustration of the truly damned: an inability to step toward the next logical progression.

Secrets don’t make friends. But if released before the official closing of a startup acquisition, they can kill deals. This is why I’ve said nothing of substance publicly about my life for the past month:

Live Nation Labs Acquires YourTrove

YourTrove, founded by my boyfriend fiancé Seth Blank, Nick Vlku, and Jesse Emery, is an amazing piece of technology, and I’m excited to see it thrive in a perfect new home. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who supported YourTrove while it was in its fledgling stages!

Knowing the company acquisition was soon to close, Seth and I planned an extensive break from our usual San Francisco routine at the beginning of February, and it was just this past Saturday that we jetted over to Paris. I’m writing in the living room of our Paris apartment right now.

paris apartmentWe’ll be in Europe for the next 5 weeks. If you’re in the neighborhood, give us a ring. (We switched to T-Mobile just before we left SF, so a phone call isn’t actually that expensive for us. Texting is free, however. Hint. Also, we’re 9 hours ahead, so uh, please be mindful of when you text.) We’re going to try to do ALL THE THINGS while here, so send us your travel recommendations!

You’ll see various updates about our travels here, on Twitter, and Facebook. If you’re into that kind of thing, you could probably also read wedding plan updates since, well, we just got engaged… in Paris! (No, it was not done at the Eiffel Tower.) Preview of wedding status updates: “Why are these flowers $500? No, it’s a spring wedding; you’re not wearing black. Should we get one of our friends to dress up as Batman and object to the nuptials during the ceremony? Good, glad we’re on the same page about all this.”

We look forward to celebrating the acquisition (and our engagement!) in person with you as soon as we’re back stateside. Thank you once again to everyone who believed in YourTrove, and especially to those who believed in Seth and me.

seth and me

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