A fond farewell to Avocado. A warm hello to Firebase.

Today is my last day at Avocado Software, makers of the best app for couples and of [redacted], which officially launches [redacted]. I’d tell you more about [redacted], but [redacted]. Seriously though, you’re going to [redacted] when you find out what it is.

Avocado continues to be the first app in my iPhone home tray, and I’ll be continuing on with Avocado Software as an obnoxious stock holder who shows up at meetings to announce my displeasure with minute changes to the app. I GOT RIGHTS! I’ll also continue to email the team whenever I find adorable pictures featuring avocados, like this:


Thank you to Chris, Jenna, Brian, Mike, Rachel, Leander, Ben, and Matt for the wonderful opportunity to work with you all. You are super duper awesome. ❤

But wait, there’s more news.

I’m excited to announce that starting Monday I’ll be joining Firebase as their Director of Marketing. James and Andrew have not only built amazing technology, but an amazing team, and I’m honored to be a part of it.

Firebase had an eventful 2013 including raising their Series A from Union Square Ventures and Flybridge Capital, leaving beta to become a paid product, and doubling the team. In 2014, Firebase is gonna crush it, and I’m eager to help make that happen.

As a parting thought, I’d like to note that Avocado and Firebase are two of the few Silicon Valley companies to have their own hot sauce. A sign of a winning startup? I think so.

hot sauce

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