New Year’s resolutions I have a good chance of not completely ignoring

A fool’s errand: trying to squeeze all that you want to become onto a full plate of New Year’s resolutions.

Instead, I’m taking a more measured approach – choosing things I know how to take baby steps to get to, or have already begun. Such as…

Surf’s up, more often

A bad day of surfing beats a good day of anything else. But why is my board so clean? Where is the sand and the wax mess? Time to roll with those waves.

A wise man once told me that your hobbies are like rooms in a house. If you neglect them, the dust and decay make it difficult to comfortably re-enter and hang out. And on that note, more writing more often. (And this resolution is why I picked that spiffy typewriter as the lead image. Love it.)

If ($code_not_done) { echo “<p>Get that project done, woman.</p>”; }

As part of my continuing education, I’m learning PHP (thanks, Codelesson!). I have one project in particular I’d like to get done within the next two months. I hope to brag about it shortly.

This resolution is also a “I eat my own dog food” ploy: I’m a big advocate for getting more women in STEM careers and educational tracks. For instance, I recently worked with the Level Playing Field Institute to help spread the word about why so few women stay in these fields (we were covered by a few outlets, including Venturebeat). I seriously doubt I’ll ever go full time as a developer, but I want the power to say that I can build, that I can create projects on my own without the hassle of courting a technical cofounder.


I’ve steadily accumulated far too many novels, non-fiction readers, short stories, graphic novels, and even a cuneiform tablet or two. An incomplete list of unread books currently on my shelf:

Feel free to make additional suggestions of what to cram into my mind. Amazon and Barnes & Noble have been great friends lately.

Keep up with my Inbox Zero status/Maybe I should start using this “unsubscribe” thing.

gmail inbox countI don’t need my dentist’s monthly e-newsletter. And I guess I could live without the updates from social media networks I don’t visit. Looks like it’s time to do a mass “Mark All As Read.”

  1. Search “is:unread”
  2. Select “All”.  From there, Gmail gives you the option to “select all conversations that match this search”
  3. Mark all as read
  4. Feel a slight sense of accomplishment

The one thing I won’t do anytime soon: Figure out my voicemail password.

I could frame this as a personal battle of determination – a small ascetic vow, a bit of suffering I endure for greater spiritual awakening. But truth told, texting and caller ID killed voicemail for me.

Yes, I spent more time writing about it than you’d think I’d need to fix this. No, it’s not part of another resolution to not sweat the small stuff. I embrace sweating the small stresses. Those tiny pricks in the back of your neck (e.g. taking out the trash, framing that picture, calling the doctor’s) can stab like a knife when accumulated.

But this one, this little prick, this pain point, can stay for now. I’ve already let him crash this long.

I wrote some vaguely interesting resolutions; now you can too!

Nick Crocker arranged a nice talk on how to handle the process of change. This video, from Web 2.0 Expo New York’s Ignite this past October, sounds a bit like a mashup of top-selling self-help books, but if you’re wondering why you’re unable to “improve” yourself, it may be worth a watching.

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