Surviving “need it now” social media campaign turnaround… Oh, and jerks.

I agreed to the marketing project on the 16th, got the details on the 19th, and had all copywriting submitted by the 24th. We went live on the 29th after a few quick rounds of editing, and starting promoting like the Dickens that morning. Results? A post in VentureBeat here, a Women 2.0 guest post there, a few other media pub highlights, and good community conversation with our hashtag, #HiddenBiasIT.

My only real frustration:

But as any community manager worth her weight in salt knows, trolls aren’t your target audience, and it’s best to leave them sulking under their bridges.

Working with the Level Playing Field Institute on their copywriting needs and social media strategy was a blast, and I can’t thank Freada and Allison enough. Also, they have a dog-friendly office. More orgs need this perk.

How did I keep this project relatively low-stress?

  1. I set expectations: From day 1, I made sure to understand what they needed and what I’d deliver.
  2. I made a realistic assessment of how much time it would take me. Not the “In an Ideal World” assessment, the “Holy Carp! I’m launching a show on Thursday, need to sell out another in the next two weeks, and I should probably go running at some point” assessment.
  3. I used Google docs for everyone to follow along with, and sent frequent updates via email to keep the group on the same page.
  4. I made myself available. It was a quick turnaround, and I made sure to check email frequently enough to get back to the team within a reasonable amount of time.
  5. I hustled.

Every time I take a project, I follow a similar pattern. It keeps me sane.

/Happy Ending.

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